We Live They Sleep!

Be a rebel in the pursuit of your dreams.

Years ago we had a dream, to combine art with fashion. They called us crazy, because they didn’t understand. But they don’t call you crazy once you’ve done it, only while you’re talking about it.To build something takes time, like a seed to a beautiful flower. It will need water, sun and time to grow. That’s also how dreams are made into reality, you plant a seed ( the idea), give it water ( knowledge) , sun (attention) and patience (commitment) in order for it to be able to grow. After this proces FashionRebelsAmsterdam was born. The majority of people don’t have the patience to let things grow, they want it too fast. Or they get discouraged because others don’t understand their vision. That’s one of the main reasons people live other people’s dream instead of their own. Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. But they don’t need to it’s not theirs.  We hope we can inspire you to take a leap of faith and follow your own dreams! We Live They Sleep!

FashionRebelsAmsterdam is not only a clothingline. It’s also a platform for artists and anybody who appreciates art, fashion and development.  On FashionRebelsAmsterdam you will see a lot of art combined with fashion. We will offer exclusive pieces of collaborations with artists from all over the world.  Art and fashion is a form of self expression that nurtures the soul.  Our vision is to fuse with all those talented artists and make something beautiful for the world despite our believes, ethnicities and cultures.

We are all one!

Incase you want to rebel, do it in style!