Meet the family x

We all got blood family, but we can also choose our family by energy. We all got friends and our friends divine us who we are. They say “you are a reflection of your friends and envoriment” so choose your friends wisely. The people who you surrounder with will help you to get where you want to be. If you only have friends who don’t develop themselves and are always outside at that corner doing nothing you will be the same. But if you have friends who like to develop themselves and are entrepreneurial you will also be like that. Energy is everything, energy is life so surrounder yourself with positive energy and stay away from negative energy. Family X is about that energy, about your friends, about love and about life. Family X will tell the story about friends who want to help themselves and others to see the important about energy, love and friends. They are called Family X because one eye is a X. One eye is open to see the spiritual world and one eye who sees the materialistic world. We all life like that some people are more spiritual and some are more materialistic. We all try to find the balance, let’s help each other true this proces.In Lakesh.

Lil’ Pine X

Lil ‘Pine is the youngest member of “Family X”.
Mischievous, pure and speaking up his mind; he always says things as they are!
He is a child who is still discovering things, and building up his personality.
He has had a difficult start and was adopted by “Family X” at a young age.
With the love of “Family X” Lil ‘Pine is growing rapidly and is becoming clever by watching others.
Lil ‘Pine listens to everyone although he is very stubborn. He listens well to Tatu who has taken him under his wings.
From an early age Lil ‘Pine knows that if he learns from everyone, it will make him very strong and powerful.

Lil ‘Pine is a panda and was taken in by a family of dogs.

Tatu X

Tatu is the rebellious one in “Family X”.
Tatu loves to learn: he believes that knowledge is power.
When he is not busy sharing and exchanging knowledge, he is developing himself.
He finds knowledge everywhere and he especially learns a lot from “Family X”.
He likes to talk to people and give them insights.
Tatu is particularly knowledgeable and he puts his knowledge in art which he expresses through graffiti.
Graffiti was considered lowbrow art, but as the expression evolved and expanded, graffiti became a recognized art form. This is what Tatu does.

He expresses a different view of the world through graffiti.

Wizz X

Wizz is the natural philosopher of the “Family X”.
He is an alchemist. He always makes something out of nothing.
Wizz is aware of the different energies and the power of words. In his eyes, everything is in one way or another connected.
He carefully observes his surroundings and makes a positive contribution to it.
Wizz wants to see the world in a positive way and is always up for a new challenge together with Tatu.
They often talk about how they can make the world a better place by using art.
Not only is Wizz good at calculations, but he is also talented in drawing.

He has several projects set aside and it is now the right time !

Moon X

Moon is the fashion scientist of “Family X”.
He lives in the future and is able to anticipate upcoming trends.
He analyses fashion and has a good knowledge of its history.
Moon’s expertise on the subject makes “Family X” look innovative and different from others.
He experiments with new styles and his unconventional approach breaks barriers in fashion. He wants to create a movement that will make people more conscious of the world by including nature and history into fashion.

Together with Wizz they put their plan on paper and they are going to start the first “Family X” clothing line this year!

Jazz X

Jazz is the most musical in “Family X”.
Jazz sees music as a powerful medium. Jazz his music is a means to enchant people. He considers musicians as modern magicians.
Jazz always ensures that their is a message in his music and that everyone around him feels the positive energy from his lyrics.

Music and fashion are a beautiful combination of forces that can be used to create things. Jazz does this together with Moon who is inspired by Jazz’ music.

“Family X” is particularly inspired from Art, Culture, Music, and Upcoming fashion